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Artist Submissions and Applications to Red Rag Irish Art Gallery

'Moon Window ' by Irish artist Manus Walsh


Red Rag Gallery is approached by as many as 20 artists a week looking for gallery representation. Most submissions from Irish Artists are ineffective and waste both gallery and artist time. The guidelines and suggestions below are intended to help would be gallery artists more effective at approaching Red Rag and other commercial Irish art galleries about showing their Irish Art work and Limited Edition Prints.

Here are the Red Rag do's and don'ts

1. Present a consistent body of art work.

Irish artists love doing new things. Many experiment by going from one art style or theme to another. The same artists crave variety in the art work they produce. These are great attributes except when it comes to presenting art work to Irish Art Galleries.

Irish galleries prefer art submissions which are unified and demonstrate synergy within art works. That does not mean that the art should be repetitive and predictable, but it must present a consistent set of images and reinforce that the artist has a clear vision and way forward for their work. The name of the game is concentration and focus.

It is not advisable to present a really diverse range of art subjects and styles. Artists who produce paintings in several media and a variety of styles should focus on just one and create a body of art work that can be seen as a 'series'. In the first instance at least 6-12 pieces are needed in a series, before approaching any Irish art gallery.

Irish artists who simply cannot rein in their creativity should consider creating multiple portfolios, one for each art style. But differing art styles should never be presented to the same Irish art galleries.

2. Create enough Irish art work

Many Irish artists create marketable work, but in quantities which are insufficient for most commercial art galleries. Successful artists are driven to keep producing interesting and relevant artwork.

Most art galleries showing the work of Irish artists need to be convinced that if they invest in showing a new artist that sold art can quickly be replaced. Art galleries want to know that if artists are successful that art works can be replenished and high quality maintained.

3. Submit art work in a convenient format for galleries.

Irish Art Galleries like to receive art work in different formats. You should find out how art galleries like to receive artist submissions. Red Rag Gallery requests that all initial Irish artist submissions are made by sending digital images by email. Send medium (not large ' they take too long to receive and load) sized digital images of art works. Increasingly other Irish art galleries are also asking to receive artist applications by email. If in doubt look at the gallery website or telephone for advice.

Artists should ensure that clear digital images of art work are be sent to each Irish gallery. Images should be crisp and not blurred. Art work such as paintings should be carefully placed and photographed directly from the front or overhead to prevent creating a distorted image.

Initial artist submissions to an art gallery should contain no more than 10 images of the artists most recent art works. Red Rag Gallery requires no more than six images for an initial appraisal. No successful Irish art gallery has the time and does not want to see an artist's entire art portfolio, instead art galleries want to see the best and most up to date art work.

Along with images of art work, artists should also attach an up to date CV. This should include where art works have been recently shown and any art awards received.

4. Consistency in pricing.

Many Irish artists price their art work emotionally and inconsistently. Art Galleries can not sell wrongly priced art. Good galleries will want to know and verify what prices art works have historically sold for and how art work is currently valued. Confident and successful artists know the value of their art work and need to provide evidence to backup the valuations of art prices.

5. Approaching the right art galleries.

Red Rag Gallery specialises in the art works of living Irish and British artists. The house style is figurative art i.e. things of the real world. Despite this the gallery regularly receives approaches from artists who have no connection whatsoever with the geographic specialism of the gallery ' and often from artists who paint abstract art.

Prior research can save both artist and gallery people time. It also improves the chances of getting a positive response. It is essential to research the style and art work shown by galleries before approaching them.

Approaching Red Rag Gallery

Irish artists interested in showing and participating at Red Rag art exhibitions and events should use the following link to email the gallery Artists should note that Red Rag look for Irish artists who are committed to promoting their art works solely through art galleries. Artists with their own websites which are designed to sell art work directly or that provide direct contact details will not be considered.

Red Rag Gallery ' Irish art and Irish artists

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